2011 Games: Bodycount

PlayStation 3 Xbox 360
1-Player Shooter (2-Player Co-Op Online)
Release: 3rd Quarter 2011


Every bullet fired has an effect. Whether a projectile inflicts a magnificent head-shot or aerates a wall, it constantly leaves a mark on the world. In most video games, .50 cal machine guns seem like BB guns, rounds bounce off glass, and bullet holes as if by magic, vanish. Bodycount is the gritty FPS aspiring to place the power back in firepower.

Codemasters is working arduously to produce the ultimate shooter, one which forks up a typhoon of devastation and gunfire. "We do not do vehicles, massive terrains,

jet packs, walking on walls, or controlling time," states creative director Stuart Black, who also assisted in developing 2006's Black for Criterior Games and EA. "We do you, with a gun, on the ground, kicking ass."

Ass-kicking obtains variety by the other ways each weapon ravages the surroundings. When that hulking enemy handling an anti-armor machine gun is blocking your exit, you will be able to unload the clip of an SMG into a fragile interior wall to make your escape. Contend to exit the derelict concrete building and you can punch through and through the dense exterior structure using your high-powered sniper rifle, taking out large chunks from both the wall and the ogre's health. Each weapon in Bodycount possesses its own personality, and Black thinks of

them each as much as a character as the leading man.

Speaking of, the lead character of Bodycount is Jackson Delgado, a young every-man who has been forced into killing for the enigmatic Network. Pertained to as a John Doe, Delgado should track down specific marks belonging to a variety of factions. Bringing up espionage inspiration from Mission impossible and Alias, Black calls Bodycount "a glossy, techno thriller for the 21st century."

One element of the game that is definitely 21st century is the cover system. Bodycount shuns the tired "whack-a-mole" cover system in favor of a richer mechanic. Bodycount uses both analog sticks when in cover; one controls aiming while the other allows for precise action behind your improvised sanctuary. Hoping that the cover system uses Bodycount's rich demolition by granting players to shove gun barrels through perforated barriers and attack from safety.

All these ample advancements in the FPS genre are just the tip of the iceberg. Co-op action, fierce online deathmatches, upgradable skills, and a wide array of enemy types are all in the works. If you miss the times when guns took center stage in FPS games, make sure to keep an eye on Bodycount.

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