2011 Games: Killzone 3

PlayStation 3
1-Player Shooter (Multiplayer TBA)
Sony Computer Entertainment
By Guerrilla Games
Release: February 22, 2011

While there was some slight ghosting on the images every now and then, no nausea was experienced playing the game that sometimes comes with 3D gaming. There's a very slim downgrade on the visuals since the image has to be doubled up and offset for the 3D effect to work, but the dip is not that detectable.

The first segment of the demo starts out in a ship flying through wintry canyons while you shoot incoming enemies using a turret. It's not long before you crash

and have to leg it through a snowy base. Among the first nice 3D touches is fluttering snowflakes that dance about onscreen all the time. Using the iron sight on the rifle might easily make you cross-eyed, but it's treated in a way that isn't jarring and makes do to make the gun feel more like a real physical object. As far as enemy assaults go, the rocket shots have the most exciting 3D effect so far since you can see them
blaring toward you contrary to mostly unseen bullets. The most amusing weapon to use was the new WASP. The standard shot blows a series of wild, spiraling missiles towards your target while the alt-fire works as an air strike that can annihilate a tank in a single shot.

The jet pack brings in a new platforming element to the series. Astonishingly, it controls like a dream. You hit L1 to get a generous upright boost and press the X button to shoot forward. Not once did we have to worry about dropping off an icy platform. The pack also offers some nice alternative tactics to the standard run and gun strategy. In one place there was a small building filled of enemies all shooting at us via the windows. Normally, this beefed up position should be tough to infiltrate, but the jetpack opens a new option. We flew over, set down on the roof, and tossed a couple of grenades down through a hole and that was that.

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