Be A More Effective Muay Thai Fighter Inside The Ring

As a Muay Thai fighter, bear in mind that there are other crucial things about this combat sport other than executing the techniques correctly. You will also be fighting against a driven and skilled opponent inside the ring and you need to do whatever it takes to win.

Simply having the skills alone won't guarantee a win. It’s about how you handle your opponent and how you control the whole match.

Here are some tips that will eventually let you win more matches and get the advantage over your opponent in the ring.

First, never take your eyes off your opponent. However, avoid

looking at the part of the body where you plan on striking. For instance, look low but deliver a high kick. This would deceive and confuse your opponent and not have any idea on where your next attack will be.

Avoid tensing your muscles unless you're about to make contact using your strike. When you tense up prior to executing your move, your opponent will anticipate your strikes. This will also allow them to avoid your strikes and counter easily.

Being correctly relaxed is the key to power and will allow you to last the entire fight.

Don't let your opponent to be in a continued attack mode. This essentially means that you must avoid being in a defensive mode for longer than needed. In most fights, the more belligerent fighter always wins.

When you are fighting a taller opponent, fight

closer to him or her. Fighting them from a distance will only allow them to use their advantage against you. By getting close to your opponent, you will play to your advantage at the same time disadvantaging your taller opponent.

Exploit your opponent’s favored techniques. Take away the chance for him of her to use his or her favorite attack. This will provide you good defense and will also thwart your opponent and can truly cause a psychological impact to them throughout the fight.

Avoid listening to the audience when fighting in an arena packed with people. Train your ear to hear your trainer instead. Aside from the referee, they're the only ones that you must listen to.

Never allow your opponent recognize that you are in pain. If you're hurt, clinch and employ this to your advantage.

Do not stand like a statue when receiving strong blows from your opponent. Continue moving around to minimize the impact and deflect the direct power of his or her attack.

Remember these tips and you can be sure that you'll be a more effective Muay Thai fighter and step-up your odds of winning matches.

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