Diy Tips: Insulating Your Garage

Perhaps you have recently purchased a house that has an additional room above the garage but it is not insulated. Installing insulation will make those rooms more livable and it will also help you save on energy bills. There are different options for insulating rooms above the garage. Dependent on the local building codes, the area size, whether you opt to hire a professional or to do it yourself, and of course an important factor is also your budget.

If the garage is sheet rocked, the quickest way would be to install a blown-in insulation behind the sheetrock. One concern with

the blown-in insulation may be is its expense if

your garage is small. If your garage isn’t sheet rocked you need to install the lame-spread rated batt insulation and then cover it with sheetrock. You have to check your local building codes first for the requirements of the sheetrock thickness for garages along with the fire safety rules. The insufficiency of smoke detectors in a garage and its potential as a storage place of flammable and combustible fluids could cause a garage to be regarded a hazardous space. For this reason, it is advised that a local contractor should be contacted to help you in insulating this room.


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