Dungeon Siege Iii Game Review

PlayStation 3/ Xbox 360/ PC
1 or 2-Player Action
Square Enix
By Obsidian Entertainment
Release: June 21, 2011

A Mass Effect-like cinematic camera work and conversation wheel present storytelling interactions far beyond what action/RPGs usually offer. Obsidian has established that it can do astonishing things in this domain (take a look at Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II), and Dungeon Siege III has a firm technical groundwork on which to build.

Throw away everything you recognize about Dungeon Siege. This console installment — designed by seasoned RPG studio Obsidian Entertainment has more in common with Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance than it

has with the Dungeon Siege that bred from franchise maker Gas Powered Games. This isn't necessarily a bad thing.

What we have seen of Dungeon Siege III so far evokes it's the kind of story-driven co-op fantasy dungeon crawler that hasn't seen action on console in a few years. The distant

third-person camera affords easy tracking of the high-flying, explosive powers players let loose versus numerous enemies at a time. Characters can switch between stances on the fly, walloping out a two-handed weapon to drive out herding foes using sweeping arcs and alternating to a sword-and-board setup to take care their leader after the minions are plucked.

Building up your character is a matter of personal taste, as each of the various playable classes could level up through different paths. Obsidian isn't sharing details on the advancement, but the developers promise that the options will be significant.

The developers happily exhibited off the game's two-player drop-in/drop-out local co-op play, but remained silent when asked about online co-op or the fact that Dungeon Siege has constantly boasted four-character parties.

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