Five Useful Tips For Travelers

Traveling, whether it is for business or a leisurely trip, it still takes you away from home or your comfort zone, sometimes for several days and weeks. Here are some tips that travelers may find useful.

1. Ring Around the Collar
Soiled ring marks around shirt or blouse collars may be removed by using shampoo on them. Rub in the
shampoo and lather just like you were cleaning your hair. Shampoo is especially formulated to get rid of body oils, which is the main “ingredient” in neck rings.

2. Removing Gum
The soles of your shoes can pick up virtually anything. But

stuck gum seems like one of the hardest things get rid of. There’s a simple solution. Rub ice on the gum to harden it then remove the gum

using a dull knife to remove the gum. The gum will come off easily without damaging your shoe sole.

3. Eliminating Bugs
Are there flying bugs or insects in your hotel room? Hair spray can kill flies and many other insects.

4. Drying Out Wet Magazines or Books
Put paper towels flat on both sides of a wet page to absorb the wetness and to prevent it from wrinkling.

5. Lingering Onion or Fish Odors on Hands
You can get rid of garlic, onion or fishy odor on your hands simply. Just sprinkle generous amount of with salt on your wet hands and rinse.


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