Free Entertaining Apps To Kill Boredom: Ios And Android Os

Waiting can be fun as long as you have something creative to do. With these free apps for your iPhone or Android device, something exciting is in store while you wait.
iPhone iOS 4.0 Free v 2.0.3 may be the most extraordinary app when it comes to sharing music, outperforming the earliest streaming apps. This virtual club community allows you to become a DJ by putting together a set list of any type of music you love and include others to join in your room to listen to what you've arranged together. You could also do a round-robin system

where other people can send their avatars up to spin a digital record for your enjoyment one after another. Available in the US for now, and an idea just like this on deserves to travel the world sooner.

iPad iOS 5.0 Free v 1.4.2 / Android OS 2.2 Free v 1.1.7
If you are a photography buff and habitually picks up that odd coffee table tome, you'll be dazzled by the 500PX. This app brings together a constantly updating stream of digital photography courtesy of its global community. 500PX has got some of the most breathtaking and clever images you would wish to see on an iPad. By mixing the work of pros and enthusiasts alike, you are able to view everything from portraits to abstract compositions, and narrow down your search to the

Editor's picks or whatever is popular at that moment.

iPhone+ iOS 3.2 Free v 2.3.1 • Android OS 2.1 Free | v 1.4.2
Regarded as the Shazam of the TV world, IntoNow surely does an unbelievable job of recognizing the TV shows that you watch. It also recognizes live programming and brand new episodes of series when they're broadcast. For double checking an episode number or putting a name to a show that you've stumbled upon, IntoNow is great. We all know that finding a TV show is pretty easy, but what makes this app more that just a party trick is the community of people you can interact with while the program is on.

iPhone iOS 4.3 Free v 4.3 • Android OS 2.11 Free v 1.3.1
Referred by many as the Instagram for videos, Socialcam is among the most exciting new communities out there. With just a swipe of a finger, you can put on a filter prior to starting to record a video. You could then add some great music after the video is done, put in some titles and then share away with friends.


 Science Apps and Music App for iPhone and iPad

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