Game Review Of God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta

PSP 1-Player Action Sony Computer Entertainment By Ready At Dawn Studios Release Novemeber 2, 2010

1-Player Action
Sony Computer Entertainment
By Ready At Dawn Studios
Release Novemeber 2, 2010

If you believed that God of War III placed a cap on the story of Kratos, think again. Sony continued building the franchise last year with God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Like Kratos's former handheld adventure, Chains of Olympus, this PSP publishing fills in some gaps in the series' lore, specifically searching for what occurred between the first and second game in the principal trilogy. As a game, though, Ghost of Sparta appears to be a better effort than Ready at Dawn's already-awesome former

God of War release.

The biggest reason for this betterment is the inspiration that Ghost of Sparta adopts from God of War III. This reaches from little things, such as the button prompts for quick time events now coming out on the sides of the screen instead of in the middle, to more significant changes like more focus on cinematic instances and set pieces that fragment the game's bloody action.

Ghost of Sparta will amplify Kratos's impact on Greek mythology yet further, pulling in a lot of first-time appearances for the franchise, including the grotesque Scylla, the cursed king

Midas, and more. Most especially for fans, this side story was diagrammed alongside God of War Ill's evolution, so there are particular references in God of War III - like Poseidon's cryptic exclamation that "Atlantis will be avenged" early on in the game - that will ultimately be explained in Ghost of Sparta.

As far as fresh moves for Kratos's arsenal, the greatest addition goes into the form of Hyperion's Charge, a special grab that allows you follow through with multiple choices: beating your adversary with your fists, banging them into the ground repeatedly, or tossing them out. Kratos will also acquire a new chain lightning spell and a spear and shield combo that would allow for a more defensive play style.

God of War III may have offered a gratifying conclusion to the saga, but that does not mean we are not interested in more. As long as Sony keeps adding talented teams like Ready at Dawn working, this is one franchise we can put faith in.

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