Game Review: Motorstorm Apocalypse

Playstation 3
1-4 Player Racing (16-Player Online)
Sony computer Entertainment
By Evolution studios
Release: May 03, 2011


The first MotorStorm burst out of the gates with a lot of its racing basics in place. The feel of speed was excellent, the surroundings and different vehicle classes influenced racing and produced some strategy, and the graphics were stellar. Regrettably, the sequel didn't build on the promise of the first title, allowing some fans wondering where the franchise was headed and what it had left to offer. Thankfully, this recent MotorStorm is going all-out to retake the excitement and redefine the series.

Burning edifices

going down on the track, subway tunnels immersed in flames, rubble-strewn streets, and other marvelous situations will challenge racers in over 40 tracks sweeping urban environments and other locales. You play the primary career mode from the position of three different racers, looking at the world in various states of decay according to the character you're playing and where they're at when the s— hits the fan.

The game's anything-can-happen attitude beamed through. The game gets you to speeding cars up stairs and through the interiors of skyscrapers, and narrowly avoid being mashed like a bug as the surroundings crash around, and encounter enough burning detritus for a lifetime. As though bumping off pedestrians wasn't fun enough, the game also supports 3D (if you

have the right TV). Seeing pitiful fools streak over your hood in 3D is a sick thrill which, some would admit they would love.

The game's core precepts of boosting, cool downs, and varying vehicle classification is back, and there are 4 new kinds of rides including minis and motorcycles. Contingent on how sturdy your vehicle is, you will be able to break through portions of the environment, which should add an attribute to the series' emphasis on selecting the correct path on the track to match your vehicle. The game's art director, Simon O'Brien, announces that different than the past MotorStorm titles, Apocalypse affords players to enjoy the levels irrespective what they're riding.

While Apocalypse's gonzo advance to racing is a huge differentiator opposed to the rest of the MotorStorm titles, its online part is a monster leap forward. You can create races - like the ability to set the win criteria, boost parameters, etc. - and share them with some online. The game also produces a community atmosphere with online gambling (for XP) and clan liveries. Lastly, there is a perk system that pays you back with upgrades in combat abilities, handling, and boosting.

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