Garage Doors Types To Choose From

When planning to buy a garage door for your home improvement project, here are the factors to keep in mind. 

There are 4 fundamental types of garage doors and 3 types of materials generally used to manufacture these doors. If a traditional appearance is wanted for the garage, then the side hung garage door is the typical solution. Side-hung doors can be accommodated directly on a wood frame or on bricks.

Another type of garage door is the sectioned garage door. These doors are just perfect where the space in the front of the garage is restricted because they open vertically. They're

great for a new garage that is meant to have an aesthetic charm.

Like the sectional garage

doors are the roller doors. The door simply rolls up inside a drum loaded with spring just above the opening of the garage door. Also there's no demand to allow any room inside or out to work the door so it will be suitable for limited space in any front of the garage.

The last type of door is the most popular one, the up and over garage door. This is the most common type. They can be constructed from timber, steel and GPR materials. They can either be manual or automatic and they're comparatively easy to set up.

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