Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Game Review

Nintendo DS
1-Player Adventure
Release: January 11, 2011


With the huge stuff of games popping out of E3, it's easy to miss titles lacking million dollar budgets. Capcom's Ghost Trick is one such lesser-known game. Shu Takumi, the creator of the Ace Attorney series, has had another outburst of genius. Now he's imparting his brand of crime-solving drama into the spectral dimension.

Players kickoff Ghost Trick dead as a doornail, but that's where the fun begins. Sissel, the deceased protagonist, bears objects scattered around two-dimensional levels. Utilizing the DS stylus, players can use Sissel's soul to take up and animate

environmental items like blenders and wrecking balls. So what is the catch? His soul has a restricted range, so he can just enter nearby objects. This creates a Rube Goldberg-like series of events, transporting Sissel from one point to another.
One level happens inside the apartment complex of a snooty writer. As the drunken bourgeois
pounds at her typewriter, Sissel possesses an attic door and opens it. A rat falls out from the opening onto a ledge, and then once more onto a lower shelf after Sissel knocks it down using a drinking bird toy. The terrified lady then swings at the rodent with a wine bottle. Players interact with the game world in small ways like this, ramping up up to more climactic moments like having a chandelier to crash down on the inebriated typist.

If Ghost Trick's unique premise and gameplay do not reel you in, the vivid visuals and humor would. Each character and object is animated thoroughly, resulting in fluid, natural movements. Charismatic cast members also come fitted out with quirky personalities that personify a similar humor to the Ace Attorney series.

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