How To Make Money With Articles: With The Right Article Length

How long should an article be in order to earn on the internet?

How long should an article be in order to earn on the internet?

 When picking out an article for your site, be sure that it is a length that is just right for search engine optimization efforts. Articles that are as light as 200 words or as long as 500 words would fit into this class. Even when search engine optimization is not actually your goal, it is still a fine idea to have your articles at this length for the sake of your readers. They are most likely not to finish reading your page if it should be any longer.

This might only leave them with half

of the information or idea you wanted for them to have or make them decide with the impression that your site is too “wordy.” Almost all Internet readers do not read a website content or page as they will with a book, so the shorter the better. If this requires you to split one long idea into 4 or 5 pages, then do it. Make sure to mark them so that the reader can pick and select which part they wish to read or so they recognize what is coming up next to help them judge if they wish to continue reading or not.

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