Ios Apps: Wonders Of The Universe, Snapguide, And Figure

Here are three educational and very useful iOS apps available now:

Wonders Of The Universe

iPad iOS 5.0
Enjoy the Universe that has been condensed down into an app through the efforts of Professor Brian Cox. The app is based on his successful TV series, adding some really sensational visuals to support text, images and video clips from the show. This gives you a better understanding of the wider Universe.

You will also find interesting functionality, like the way the images and video work with the text. Once you get to an image or video clip when scrolling through one of the text

chapters, it would automatically jump out to full screen. It's a brilliant design that looks seamless.

Users will also enjoy browsing the app when using the main animated screen. This allows you to go from the smallest atom to the immense area of far away galaxies. This is way more exciting than using the menu bar for getting around.

iPhone iOS 4.3
A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy in real life? Perhaps. At least that's the phrase that seems to go around regarding Snapguide. Filled with great community driven, practical knowledge, it's no wonder people liken it to the fictional guide for traveling through the space. The usefulness of Snapguide

is of a higher level, all thanks to its tips from making a great lasagne to restringing a guitar.
Browse just a few minutes scanning through the guides that are already made and you'll be mind-blown by the tremendous ideas and techniques being shared. It's among the really exciting social apps around today.

iPhone iOS 5.0
Making music on an iPhone is not that complicated. On an iPad, with all the space available, mixing together and composing music is a breeze. It's a different story on a smaller device though, it could feel a little cramped. This is where Figure comes in. With a unique touch pad, it makes it stand out. Combine that with the speed with which you can make something, it truly is astonishing. Its intuitive tap and drag interface of arranging various instruments, having a touch pad control for each, makes it easy to get to grips with it. The resulting music are most likely to be something you would want to share with friends.


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