The Last Story Video Game Preview

1-Player Role-Playing Game
By Mistwalker
Release TBA

Fans of the role-playing game genre are acquainted with the label Final Fantasy, but they might not know the man who began the phenomenon. Hironobu Sakaguchi made the famous series, and was included in each entry until Final Fantasy IX. After departing Square Enix, Sakaguchi established a new development studio known as Mistwalker, which developed the excellent 360 RPGs Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. Whenever Sakaguchi is involved in a fresh project, gamers would pay attention.

The most recent title from Sakaguchi and Mistwalker is a Wii exclusive titled The Last Story. The

game commemorates the first time Sakaguchi is directing (contrary to producing) a game since Final Fantasy V. Designed in a traditional fantasy world, the plot of The Last Story keeps abreast on two main heroes dwelling in Ruri Island. One is a mercenary known as Elza, and he finally meets an aristocratic lady named Kanan, together with a crew of more party members. Their journey explores subjects ranging from political turmoil
to human emotion, but Mistwalker and Nintendo are holding back the specifics of the adventure under wraps for the time being.

On the battle front, The Last Story is unique from the traditional turn-based structure that created Sakaguchi's early titles successful. The battle scheme is real-time, but seems to pause to allow target picking for spells and abilities. In the game's trailer, the fights flow smoothly as multiple foes circle the herd and cool effects and environmental demolition are abundant. A cover system affords players to hide from-enemies mid-battle, waiting for the right chance to jump out and catch the foe unaware.
Nintendo contrives to have The Last Story arrive before the end of 2010 in Japan, but the game has not been confirmed for a North American publishing yet. However, with a reknowned developer such as Sakaguchi at the helm, it's a safe bet that The Last Story would hit the US some time in 2011.

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