Men, Beware Of Online Dating Scammers

Most of the information going around pertaining to online dating safety is for the women but men also need to be careful as well. Cheaters, perverts, lunatics, and maniacs come in both genders, all sizes, and all ages as well. Therefore, men have to be cautious, too.

It is already basic knowledge not to quickly give away personal data to strangers. The rationale behind this is basically for your own safety. Numerous strangers would also want to grab these information from you. If you encounter a person who is openly giving out personal information and in return asking other people to

do likewise, avoid communicating with these individuals. You will never know what they are planning to use it for….and you should believe they will be using it for something. That “something” won't be for your welfare. Men also should protect their real names, addresses, contact numbers, and work location. Do not release information to anybody on the internet until you are positive that they are who they claim they are.


be suspicious of women who appear or act too financially needy. These types of women have various ways of asking for money. If they ask you for money, cut the communication and the relationship right away. Clearly, these women are not seeking love or friendship. They are just looking for a person to victimize financially.

If a woman gives you a contact number but you find it impossible to reach her at that phone number, also beware. If they always ask you to message or text them first then they will call you back, this may be a sign that they are hiding something from you.

Be cautious of women who express a pressing need to get married. Watch out for signs of insecurity. If the woman is aggressive to go into a commitment which you aren’t prepared to make, it may be best to find a way out of this relationship.

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