Muay Thai Basic Training Exercises

Muay Thai is among the fastest growing combat sports nowadays. Training centers are being opened throughout the world. Now, you need to keep in mind that although novices can still go through Muay Thai training, this fitness training is targeted only for advancers in gym training.

You have to remember that the training demanded here are so intense and are primarily focused in building and developing muscles including burning calories. Also, the training will involve several strength, alertness, endurance exercises, and also the ability to execute powerful kicks and punches.

Even if you're just a beginner, you'll still be able to join

Muay Thai training. You have to be in a considerable health in order for you to truly perform at your optimum level.

Here are the 8 training routines that are generally done in Muay Thai training. This would give you an idea on the type of intensity the training demands, and would also help you decide whether you're able to execute all the actions required in the training.

Just like any training programs, the first step is the warm up routine. You have to run or skip for 15 to 20 minutes. This would wake up your muscles and help it get geared up for intensive training. This also means several stretching exercises to better your flexibility and avoid injuries.

Running is a major part of Muay Thai training. You have to do this for you to increase your stamina. Do this each morning, 20 to 30 minutes prior to starting the training. This will allow you to last longer in the ring and it would also help strengthen your leg muscles, which is all-important in Muay Thai.

The third is shadow boxing. This will help you learn and develop your strategies in Muay

Thai. Do it in front of the mirror. This would help you check if your movement is correct and also know if a full range of action is attained in every angle.

Skipping is done to step-up your agility. It helps too in improving your endurance. Remember that stamina and good coordination should be achieved if you require to be effective when you are executing the moves involved in Muay Thai. Use a skipping rope to do this. You should sustain your alertness level and shift from one leg to another. Remember also that you must never bounce using your both feet.

Training with free weights will help you increase your capability to endure kicks and punches, which are typically intense in Muay Thai. Remember to include resistance training for your core muscles using dumbbells or barbells. Go for lighter weights having more repetitions. Remember that training using heavier weights is excellent for bodybuilding but never for boxing.

The bag and pad are great for exercising your punches, elbows, kicks, and knees. This will ready you for the training proper. Speed ball would also be included in the training. This will help enhance your movement coordination and it would also strengthen your shoulders which would add up more power to your punches.

Lastly, you'll need to spar with your training partner. This is a crucial element in Muay Thai as it will help estimate how well you have done in the rest of the training. It would also help teach you how to manage your opponent by exercising neck clinching, and arm locking.

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