Non-sporting Dogs: Keeshond And Lhasa Apso

Origins and qualities of Keeshond and Lhasa Apso. Keeshond

Origins and qualities of Keeshond and Lhasa Apso.


Bred from the same strains of Arctic stock that gave rise to the Chow Chow, Samoyed, Pomeranian, and Norwegian Elkhound. The Keeshond (Kayze-hawnd) was Holland's barge dog, named after Kees de Gyselaer, leader of the patriots' party throughout the political strife of the 18th century. True to Arctic type, it is short-coupled and dense, having strong chest and straight legs. Its head is wedge-shaped, with powerful muzzle of moderate length, and triangular ears that stand upright. The dark, somewhat slanting eyes have strange penciled lines running up from the outer corners to the

ears. The body is profusely covered with long, straight hair that leaps out from a downy undercoat.

WEIGHT: 35-45 pounds
HEIGHT 17-18 inches
COLOR: mixture of gray and black (outer coat black-tipped, with gray or cream undercoat).

Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso, native to the lamaseries around the sacred city of Tibet, was esteemed as

a watchdog inside the homes of the nobles and inside monasteries. It's an ancient breed, going back 800 B.C. Once treasured as a talisman to add good luck and drive out evil spirits. Longer than he is high, the Lhasa is clothed with a long, straight, heavy coat, having abundant facial hair. His short, powerful legs are covered with hair right down to and including the round, catlike feet. The head is narrow, muzzle somewhat short, eyes medium in size, ears hanging and fringed. The tail is well-feathered, and set up over the back in a screw, occasionally with a kink at the end.

WEIGHT: 13-20 pounds
HEIGHT: 8-11 inches
COLOR: all colors, with or without dark tips to ears and beard.

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