Romania Ski Destination: Poiana, Brasov

The purpose-made resort in Poiana is situated 13km up the mountain of the medieval town of Brasov, on the southeast outskirts of the Carpathian mountains. The randomly sprawled hotels in the pine forests round Mount Postavaru is simple in terms of architecture and ambiance, but the interiors are quite roomy.

Mount Postavaru has two cable-cars and a gondola, altogether ancient and heading to the same point on the shoulder of the mount 750m above the ski resort. With the highest station at 1,775 meters, the runs are slashed from the woods and graded more on width than steepness, yet all the

colors are laid out on the piste map. Any competent intermediate skier will run through the area in a day, with dozens of ski instructors, a lot of them fluent in English, this is a practical and gratifying ski destination in which to learn to ski.

The Kanzel pub, at the peak lift station, may be considered the most affordable ski mountain restaurant in Europe.

Virtually without a village center, it would be most convenient to

stay at the Sport, Bradul and Poiana complex, 3 efficiently-managed hotels under one corporate ownership located less than five minutes' stroll from the Bradul cable car.

Most tourists have half-board travel packages including dinner in their hotels, but the renowned Sheep-Cot is a top regional tourist magnet, with bear steaks (which could be tough and overcooked) served at communal tables in a folkloric type of Romanian yurt.

The pubs and wine cellars in Brasov are surprisingly sophisticated, with a wide range of Romanian wines to offer. Festival 39 is highly recommended for its voluminous cocktail list, while the Blitz Club, in a new brutalist compound far from the busy region, is the late, late option.



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