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Rules for Bridge for Three / Cutthroat Bridge Card Game
Published By Tip Writer on 2011-07-20 1015 Views

In the game of Bridge, the three players take any three seats on the table and draw for deal, but never for partners. The dealer deals the normal four hands; the one opposite him is the dummy and is not disturbed. The three players bid in regular order, starting with the dealer, and when any call is accompanied by two sequential passes the auction is closed. The player at declarer's left does the opening lead. Declarer then sorts the dummy and places it opposite him, between the two defenders. Play continues precisely as in Contract or Auction Bridge.

There are 3 columns on the score sheet, one for every player. When declarer fulfills the contract, he scores its value in his column. When declarer falls short, every defender scores the undertrick penalties in his column. Honors retained by one defender are scored by both defenders.

The rubber ends if any player has won two games. Each player's column is added and he settles individually with each of the other players, depending on the deviation in their scores. If Contract Bridge scoring is being utilized, the winner of the rubber scores only 500 points bonus if either defender was vulnerable.

IRREGULARITIES. An irregular bid endures if both opponents call before attention is called to it, but is null if attention is called in to it earlier. An irregular double may be offset by the player who is doubled; and no player might double him thereafter at any contract. If a defender bids after the auction is closed down, declarer may demand or forbid an opening lead in a defined suit.

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