Should You Buy Used, Reconstructed, Or Reconditioned Appliances?

When it comes to buying a used appliance, there is always a risk involved. However, there are ways to decrease your chances of getting a lemon. Purchasing from a respected private company, typically advertised in your newspaper’s classified ads segment, may be a great source. Individuals sometimes sell their appliances that are still in good shape when they relocate to a new home because it’s more practical to sell them than to spend on hauling. It is not difficult to spray paint used appliances to make them look good as new.

If you’re purchasing used appliances from a reputable store, make

sure you get a written or printed warranty. Used-appliance conditions may be confusing: "Reconditioned" implies the appliance has been cleaned, aligned, or had small repairs, but
not rebuilt. "Reconstructed" or "rebuilt" appliances have been disassembled, repaired (using new parts), replaced together, and refinished. Such an appliance should work almost like new and come with a corresponding warranty. In a way, these can be better than new because concealed defects have already been observed and fixed. Like purchasing new appliances, make a comparison on prices, warranties, and available dealer service centers. When in doubt, check with past clients and the Better Business Bureau.



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