Spinning Yarn As A Hobby

Hand spinning yarn is really quite popular nowadays. This is why the population of crocheters and knitters has mostly expanded, and so has their purchase of treadling wheels and spindles.


Knitting is now recognized to be among the favorite hobbies of scores of women, kids, and even men, all across the globe. This is probably the main cause why the number of spinners is also growing.

Before, spinning is only considered as a necessary part of the cottage industry that kept families decently and comfortably clothed by utilizing the fleeces that were sheared from the sheep that they, themselves, nurtured. Now, spinning

yarn is recognized to be such an excellent complement to hobbies akin to crochet and knitting.

Reasons to Study How to Spin Yarn

Having a “love affair” with yarn is similar with learning how to properly and decently weave, crochet or knit. Creating just the right type of yarn has the capacity to come up with a special project. What is more, learning how to come up with methods that can replace several kinds of yarns correctly is a professional skill of crocheters or knitters. This gives the person a much fuller and deeper understanding of what is qualifies a specific yarn fiber to be good. This entails that the particular individual can now have the skill of selecting the perfect yarn for a certain project.

Spinning as Form of Meditation

Moreover, the routine of spinning itself is considered by many as a serene, very soothing, and meditative method once it is properly learned. Also, buying a fiber that has already been prepared is a lot cheaper as compared to purchasing ones that was spun

through commercial processes and machinery. This implies that if people are knowledgeable on how to spin their own yarn, then could afford to get themselves a fiber that's created from better quality, like alpaca, cashmere or silk.

Using a Spindle

The basics of using a spindle must be learned. Getting to spin with a spindle isn't just a stepping stone for spinning with wheels. Even when people have already controlled the skill of spinning, they still utilize spindles.

What Exactly is a Spindle?

A spindle is in fact consisted of a whorl, which is essentially a wide disc that gives the suitable momentum and weight which are both needed for a long spin. The shaft part of the spindle pokes out either above or below of the whorl and it is in charge for holding the yarn when it begins to be spun. A hook is also used in channeling the spin from the spindle and to the yarn.

Making a Spindle

People can in fact make their own spindles. They can even create this using materials that are generally available in hardware stores. Some CDs even offer the needed information for making spindles. These said items can be purchased from the local yarn store or from an internet supplier. An example of such place is Etsy, which is among the top stores that give customers spindles and different fibers for spinning.

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