Sporting Dogs: Irish Setter And Irish Water Spaniel

Here are two sporting dogs of Irish origins: the Irish Setter and the Irish Water Spaniel. Irish Setter

Here are two sporting dogs of Irish origins: the Irish Setter and the Irish Water Spaniel.

Irish Setter

Ireland's donation to the esteemed family of bird finders first came into prominence in the early 18th century. Considered to be the result of English Setter-Spaniel-Pointer crosses with a dash of Gordon Setter. Sportsmen used early Irish Setters for falconry. Originally colored red and white, but solid colors were developed in the nineteenth century. The Irish Setter is a graceful yet substantial dog, deep-bodied and strong. His head is long and lean, muzzle fairly deep and square, ears set low and hanging near the

head. The slightly almond-shaped eyes are dark to medium brown. The coat is flat, with longer feathering on the ears, chest, underbody, legs, and outstretched tail.

WEIGHT males about 70 pounds; females about 60 pounds

HEIGHT: males about 27 inches; females about 25 inches

COLOR: mahogany, rich chestnut red, red and white.


Irish Water Spaniel 

Tallest of the spaniels. The account of this breed goes back at least one thousand years. In the

12th century, dogs obtained in southern Ireland below the River Shannon were known as Shannon Spaniels, Irish Water Spaniels, or Rat-tailed Spaniels. Here is a noteworthy swimmer and retriever that is champion at hunting wild duck in marshes and lakes. He's short-backed, high on leg, rounded in hindquarters. His forehead is high, his muzzle square and long, eyes keenly alert, and his curl-covered ears hang low. His alleged "rat tail," thick at the root and clothed for two or three inches with short curls, is a dramatic characteristic of the breed. His coat is a mass of tight, crisp curls, and on his head he dons a topknot with a widow's peak between the eyes.

WEIGHT: males 55-65 pounds; females 45-58 pounds

HEIGHT: males 22-24 inches; females 21-23 inches

COLOR: liver.

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