Terrier Breeds: Irish Terrier And Kerry Blue Terrier

Irish Terrier

Irish Terrier
Among the oldest terriers, the Irish is different from the others having slightly hound-like profile; in fact, he appears very much like a small Wolfhound. His bravery and disregard for danger, especially as a messenger dog in wartime, gained him the nickname "daredevil." His body is somewhat long, his back strong, his legs straight having plenty of bone and muscle, and his tail set high and docked. His head is rather long and narrow, with especially powerful jaws and teeth. The eyes are dark and full of fire, the ears minuscule, V-shaped, and dropping forward close to the

cheeks. The coat is compact and wiry.
WEIGHT: 25-27 pounds
HEIGHT: about 18 inches
COLOR: bright red, golden red, red wheaten, or wheaten.

Kerry Blue Terrier

in the mounts of County Kerry, the Kerry Blue has been called a sporting terrier for more than a 100 years in Ireland, where he was employed for farm work and all modes of hunting and retrieving. Puppies are normally born black, then clear, then to their blue color at eighteen months of age. The head is long, having flat cheeks and powerful jaw, and small dark eyes that are quite keen in expression. The back is short, the legs somewhat heavy in bone, the tail docked and noble. The coat is soft and wavy.
WEIGHT: 30-40 pounds
HEIGHT: 17-20 inches
COLOR: deep slate to light blue-gray.

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