Terrier Breeds: Norfolk Terrier And Norwich Terrier

Norfolk and Norwich terriers share a common ancestry. 

Norfolk and Norwich terriers share a common ancestry. 

Norfolk Terrier
Norfolk and Norwich terriers have a common ancestry. Until 1979, the Norfolk was distinguished in the U.S. as a drop-eared variety of the Norwich Terrier. While their appearance seems similar, there are deviations between the breeds, resulting in two somewhat different breed standards. The Norfolk is among the smallest of the working terriers, with a body slightly longer than it is high, short and strong forelegs, and broad, strong hindquarters. His V-shaped ears are small and cleanly dropped, slightly rounded at the tip, and carried near the cheek.
WEIGHT: about 11-12

HEIGHT: about 9-10 inches
COLOR: red, wheaten, black and tan, grizzle.

Norwich Terrier
The credit for popularizing the Trumpington Terrier goes to the students of Cambridge. It was later named the Norwich. The

breed was developed in England, and by the 1880's, having a small ratting terrier turned into a fad among undergraduates. Called the Jones Terrier in the U.S. in the 1920's. This is a small but natural kind of working terrier with a fairly short body and level back. The legs are short but strong, the feet round. The head is foxy-looking, fairly broad in skull and narrowing toward the muzzle. The ears are small and upright; the eyes are dark and quite keen. The coat is very hard and wiry, with flimsy eyebrows and whiskers.
WEIGHT: about 12 pounds
HEIGHT: under 10 inches
COLOR: red, wheaten, black and tan, or grizzle.

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