Terrier Breeds: Sealyham Terrier And Skye Terrier

These two terriers are both known for hunting foxes and badgers. Meet the Sealyham and the Skye Terriers.

Sealyham Terrier

The Sealyham was developed in the last half of the 19th century to hunt otter, badger, and fox by Captain John Edwardes. The breed gets its name from Edwardes' estate in Haverford West, Wales. He is a strong little fellow with great bone, short in back and low on the legs, with large, compact feet. His head is long and wide, having flat cheeks and a powerful square jaw. The oval eyes are somewhat wide apart, and the ears are folded even

with the top of the head, the forward edge resting the cheek. The tail is docked and sported straight up. The coat is hard and wiry.

WEIGHT about 23-24 pounds
HEICHT about 10 ½ inches
COLOR: all white, or with lemon, tan, or badger markings on head and ears.


Skye Terrier

The Skye Terrier was bred pure for 400 years or more in his

native land, the Isle of Skye, off the northwest coast of Scotland. His long flowing hair protected him from badgers, foxes, and other savage small animals he hunted. His body is really long and low to the ground—he's twice as long as he is high. His head is long and strong, tapering to a powerful muzzle. The ears may be sported prick or drop. His long body coat hangs straight down every side, parting from head to tail. The hair on the head obscures the forehead and eyes and forms a beard and apron. The long feathering on the ears falls straight down from the crests and outer edges.

WEIGHT: 23-30 pounds

HEIGHT: 9 ½ -10 inches

COLOR: black, blue, dark or light gray, silver platinum, fawn, cream.

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