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Tips on Rooting Cuttings for Your Garden
Published By Tip Writer on 2012-08-16 103 Views

Softwood cuttings are formed from growing shrubs or trees and are collected in the summer. Hardwood cuttings are made when growth has halted and plant stems have already become woody. It would be best to take hardwood cuttings in late fall, after the leaves have fallen. Most of these cuttings would root during daytime temperatures to 75 degrees, with a 10-degree drop at night time.

Acacia, Araucaria excelsa (Norfolk Island pine), abutilon (flowering maple), aralia, ardisia, gardenias, peaches, blueberries and roses are only a few of the softwood cuttings you will love propagating under lights. Roses will root and bud under lights within six months. Softwood or hardwood cuttings can either be used.

Boxwood, conifers, Azaleas (rhododendron) and grapes are some of the hardwood cuttings that root well under lights. Softwood cuttings must be around 4 inches long, each one having at least two leaf nodes. Take out the lower pair of leaves. Next, dip the end of the cutting onto hormone powder. Make a planting hole using a small stick or pencil, stick in the cutting carefully so the powder will not rub off. Plant the cuttings so that one node is below the surface, the other one, above the surface. Firm the medium around the stems.

For hardwood, the process for rooting cuttings is the same except there could be some hardwood cuttings like grapes that will be minus all leaves. Rooting time may vary from one to four months. When plants are rooted well enough, transplant them to pots and grow in a cool, lighted area or in the outdoor garden.

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