Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier Game Review

Playstaion 3 / Xbox 360 / PC 1-4 Player (16 Player Online) Ubisoft Release October 4, 2011

Playstaion 3 / Xbox 360 / PC
1-4 Player (16 Player Online)
Release October 4, 2011

In the olden days (like 2009), U.S. soldiers and Ghost Recon players opted to do their shooting from afar. Why go up close when you could take a tango down from 400 yards and have his comrades in the dark regarding your position? In Ghost Recon Future Soldier, matters get much more up close and personal.
Equipped with ass-kicking near-future technology like exo-skeleton suits and optic camouflage, the Ghosts in the latest Tom Clancy sequel are not afraid to move in for the kill.

Ubisoft flaunted the first live gameplay during E3, and the action was truly personal. The Ghosts are commissioned with securing a northern European beachfront for an approaching convoy. They move directly into the hot zone undetected all because of to their Predator-like camo. One of the soldiers sneaks right behind an unsuspecting foe and plunges a knife into his neck before he gets a chance to scream. Having the first target dealt with, he turns
on the crosscom interface to skim the area for other hostiles. The augmented reality eyepiece straight off fills the HUD with targets in the area, one of which turns out to be a wanted war felon.
Having a high value target in the area, the mission dynamic flips to a snatch and grab. Moving along the area like 21 st century ninja assassins, the Ghosts methodically get rid of threat after threat till they reach the mark. Three soldiers are standing in near proximity to him, which makes matters harder. As the main Ghost moves close in preparation for seizing the target, we see three infrared lasers mark the other three enemies. The Ghosts lead up a countdown and seconds later three baddies simultaneously bite the dust as the Ghost leader moves in to secure the target.
This challenging new gameplay dynamic feels markedly unique from the former Ghost Recon titles. Whether or not this new focus will appeal to longtime fans remains to be seen, but it definitely looks badass.

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