Toy Dogs: English Toy Spaniel And Japanese Chin

Two toy dog breeds of Oriental origin who are also the favorites of the royal families.

Two toy dog breeds of Oriental origin who are also the favorites of the royal families.

English Toy Spaniel
English Toy Spaniels, perhaps native to Japan or China, was well known for four centuries in England, where they were pets and darlings of royalty. There are 4 kinds, similar in type but different in color. They're compact and short-bodied dogs, relatively broad in chest. The strange skull is well-domed, with large, dark, widely set eyes. The stop, or indentation between the eyes, is remarkably deep—deep enough to bury a small marble in it—while the short nose is somewhat turned up, as

is the under jaw. The coat is long, silky, and wavy.

WEIGHT: 9-12 pounds
HEIGHT: about 10 inches
COLOR: King Charles— black and tan; Prince Charles—white, black, and tan; Blenheim—red and white; Ruby—solid red.

Japanese Chin
The Japanese Chin was the spoiled pet of Oriental royalty for centuries and was allowed to associate only with those

of noble birth. Commodore Perry first presented them to the West in 1853. A lively, well-bred fellow, the Chin spells quality from nose to tail. Its head is big for his size, having a broad skull rounded in front. His dark lustrous eyes are striking and set wide apart, while his small V-shaped ears fall gradually forward. His muzzle is broad, full, and quite short. The body is square and dense, legs exquisitely boned and tail heavily feathered and set up over the back. The long and silky coat has an inclination to stand out, particularly around the neck, so as to produce a thick mane or ruff.

WEIGHT: 5-7 pounds
HEIGHT: about 10 inches
COLOR: black and white or red and white.

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