Toy Dogs: Shih Tzu, Silky Terrier, And Yorkshire Terrier

Toy dogs are small breeds, as implied by their names, who make charming pets, companions, and lapdogs. Here are three toy dog breeds: Shih Tzu, Silky Terrier, and Yorkshire Terrier.


Shih Tzu
Its origins are a bit obscure, but the Shih Tzu (pronounced sheed-zoo) originated centuries ago, probably in Tibet or China. Its semblance is portrayed in paintings and objects d'art of the Tang dynasty, dating approximately A.D. 624. The breed was known as the "chrysanthemum-faced" dog since its facial hair grew in all directions. Its princely, long and flowing coat, heavily plumed tail, long mandarin beard, and clearly arrogant carriage give

the Shih Tzu a beguiling appearance.
WEIGHT: 9-18 pounds
HEIGHT. 8-11 inches
COLOR: all colors.

Silky Terrier
Named after his fine silky coat, this tiny dog from Australia was once called the Sydney Silky, later the Australian Silky. Derived primarily from Australian Terriers interbred with Yorkshire Terriers, he was first shown in his native land in 1907. A fascinating little fellow of marked terrier character and spirit, he is a lightly built, reasonably low-set dog, with strong, straight forelegs, well-muscled

thighs, and having a high-set tail that is sported erect or semierect.
WEIGHT 8-10 pounds
HEIGHT: 9-10 inches
COLOR: blue and tan.

Yorkshire Terrier
Named for the English county of Yorkshire, this terrier was produced by workers about 1860 to control rats in mines and mills. He hails back to Waterside Terriers, rough-coated Black-and-Tans, Paisley and Clydesdale terriers. A popular pet in Victorian times, this is a spunky little dog, covered from top to toe with a wealth of glossy, silky hair that's parted down the back and hangs directly to the floor on each side. The body is short and dense with a level topline. The head is small, relatively flat on top, having a short muzzle, dark and sparkling eyes, and small V-shaped ears that are carried upright.
WEIGHT: under 7 pounds
HEIGHT. 7-8 inches
COLOR: steel blue and tan.


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