Training Your Dog To Stop Car Chasing

Car chasing by dogs is a common problem in most communities. This bad habit must be broken before the dog is harmed or causes an accident.

Cars on the road aren’t the only danger; many pets have been gravely injured in their own driveways when the family car was being backed up. A dog must be instructed, therefore, to allow wide berth to any moving vehicle.

Training can be started out in the home driveway when it is long enough, or on the street during little or no traffic. Have one member of the family get the dog into the yard, or

on the sidewalk, on a moderately long leash. As the car is driven carefully down the road, have somebody sitting opposite the driver prepared to shoot a spray from a water pistol or plant mister onto the dog’s face as he comes near the car and you order aggressively and immediately “No!” This has a frightening impact upon most dogs and will deter them. The use of your own car is best since being familiar with it,
the dog runs up to it awaiting a ride. Restricted by the leash, he gets near enough to be squirted, but not near enough to risk injury. Occasionally this is all that’s needed to teach him to keep his distance from moving wheels.

If, nevertheless, the dog turns into a confirmed auto chaser, stronger measures might be called for. Have a friend drive a car up and down a quiet street. He would know what you are doing and will thence be on guard to prevent wounding the dog. Snap on a long leash and walk the dog along the side of the road, allowing the leash out to full length as he lunges. As he approaches the wheels, jerk him off his feet so sharply that he tumbles over, and command “No!” This may have to be repeated numerous times, and though it seems kind of severe punishment, some dogs require it for their own safety.

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