Vigorous Volleyball And Strength Training

Volleyball is like a large chess game. Six players are put on a 900-square-foot area where each word and glance is shared between the team. This closeness, and the strategy it provides, is a large part of the appeal of this sport. However, you will discover that more than your mind gets a workout throughout a game.

Volleyball is a power sport requiring both the upper and lower body. On every rally and serve your shoulders and arms will be working hard. As you ready to jump to block or spike the ball, or "track" the play on the different side,

your body stays low, in a partial-squat position. This is a great workout for your thighs and buttocks. Anticipate your thighs and shoulders to be a little sore the day after your first game.

Increasing your upper

body strength and your lower body strength, can help your game a lot. For this reason, a strength-training program for the arms, shoulders, chest and back is recommended. A strong abdomen and lower back would also make it easier to sustain power and control when you jump for the ball, so add up strengthening exercises for these body parts to your workout if you are not already doing them.

Naturally, it's significant to improve your skills as well as your strength. If you are a novice or if it's been a few years since you bounced a volleyball off your fingertips, focus on practicing your technique. Your enjoyment of the game and self-confidence as a player would increase as your skills get better.

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