Why Buy A Kindle Wireless Reading Device?

The Kindle Wireless Reading Device is among the greatest success stories in the portable gadgets world. Offered by Amazon, the online store, Kindle saw a massive success as of its launch. It is now available in DX and International versions.

Features of the Kindle Wireless Reading Device

* 8 x 5.3 x 0.36 inches in size,
* Storage for up to 1,500 books,
* Global wireless coverage
* Supports a wide range of formats including Kindle format, PDF, Audible, MP3, Mobi and more
* 6 inch display with paper-like e-Ink technology
* Wireless access to the Kindle store for fast and easy

download of books
* Stereo jack for audio capabilities,
* 5-way controller for simple navigation.


The Kindle International, the most recent version in its line, is a great deal slimmer and better looking compared to the original Kindle, but similar to the Kindle 2. The are countless advantages when using a Kindle over traditional books, an example is that you can carry 1,500 books along with you wherever you go - yet it is smaller and lighter compared to a standard paperback.

The Kindle is linked in real time to the Kindle Amazon store. Using the Kindle wherever you are, you are able to buy and download new books, in addition to newspapers, magazines and blogs, in just minutes. This is what sets the Kindle apart from its eBook reader competition.

The newest Kindle model has a wireless network that extends across several countries around the world, making Kindle a true

rival to eBook reader models aimed at markets outside of the US.

If you need to take notes, there is a built in keyboard alongside the easy-to-use navigation. The font size can be adjusted and you can even have the text read out loud to you using the Kindle International’s Text-to-Speech function.


Some of the primary setbacks of the Kindle Wireless Reading Device is common with any eBook reader: it does not feel the same as a book, the e-Ink screen implies pages do not turn instantaneously, and eBooks are not that cheaper than purchasing books in their actual form.

Some drawbacks of this particular model is the that the memory can not be expanded for lack of memory slot. There's no compatibility with ePub data format which is getting to be the standard for a number of eBooks on loan from libraries.

The Kindle International is similar to its earlier versions, so if you reside the US and own a Kindle 2, it’s not worth an upgrade. But for those who have not owned an eBook reader yet - or live outside of the US - it's not too hard to discover why the Kindle Wireless Reading Device continues to be Amazon’s bestselling gizmo. It’s cool, sleek and does the job well.

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