Working Dogs: St. Bernard And Samoyed

The St. Bernard is famous as a rescue dog and the Samoyed works as a hunter and reindeer herder.  St. Bernard

The St. Bernard is famous as a rescue dog and the Samoyed works as a hunter and reindeer herder.

 St. Bernard

An ancient breed, the St. Bernard believably descends from the heavy fighting dogs brought in to Switzerland by Roman armies in the 1st century a.d. He earned fame in the Swiss Alps, where, at the Hospice of St. Bernard, dogs were raised and trained to rescue travelers who get lost in the snow. Its a huge, powerful dog having a strong back and well-developed hindquarters and muscular and strong shoulders. The head is distinguished with its broad forehead, wrinkles and furrow,

and muzzle with loose-skinned lips. Its rather high-set ears are medium-sized and lie near the cheeks, and his lower eyelids fit rather loose. The long tail hangs with a flimsy upward curve at the tip. He comes in two coat types: shorthaired (smooth, dense, and tough) and longhaired (medium length, plain to slightly wavy).

WEIGHT: 150-180 pounds
HEIGHT: males minimum of 27 1/2 inches; females minimum of 25 1/2 inches
COLOR: white with red, or red with white; brindle patches with white markings.


The Samoyed gets

its name from the ancient Samoyed people of northeastern Siberia, where it functioned as hunter, draft dog, and herder of reindeer. In more recent times, it has stood out as a sled-dog racer, a pack carrier, and in polar expeditions. Basically an Arctic type, agile and strong, having deep chest and well-sprung ribs, powerful neck, straight front, and particularly strong loins, it affords the appearance of being capable of great endurance but without coarseness. Its head is broad in skull and wedge-shaped, muzzle tapering off, eyes dark and wide apart, lips black and somewhat curved up at the corners of the mouth like a smile. Its well-furred ears stand upright. Its heavy coat is a thing of beauty, its underlayer thick and soft, its outer layer longer, harsh, standing off from the body and shining with a silver sheen.

WEIGHT: 40-70 pounds
HEIGHT: males 21-23 inches; females 19-21 inches
COLOR: white, white and biscuit, cream, or all biscuit.

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