2011 Games: Ratchet & Clank All 4 One Preview

PlayStation 3
1 to 4-Player Action (4-Player Online)
Sony Computer Entertainment
Insomniac Games
Fall 2011

An unholy alliance between Ratchet, Clank, Qwark, and Dr. Nefarious are taking shape for the welfare of PlayStation fans all over. Plot particulars are scarce as to why these guys might team up, but the newest entry in the Ratchet & Clank franchise is going to a really different direction. Up to 4 players can join up during the entire game. Players may drop in and out at any time, and whatever combination of online and offline players may team up.

All 4 One plays

as though a hybrid of LEGO Star Wars, Gauntlet, and, naturally, Ratchet & Clank. Unlike former Ratchet games, every character has similar basic skill sets. Each one bears a grappling hook, stock blaster, and a brand new brand spanking-new-weapon that sure to be a hit among fans.

Ratchet is recognized for its astonishing arsenals, and the first fresh weapon on exhibit at the game's debut is a hopped up vacuum that can suck objects and fire them off in a curve. You will be able to launch items like explosive mines towards enemies using the vacuum, or suck in a foe and launch him back towards one of his friends. You could also use this on your supposed friends to launch them forth at the edge of the closest cliff. If you feel as though working together, you could also shoot friends up to generally inaccessible high ledges.

Insomniac prompts this blend of working together and stabbing one another in the back. Players would have to battle for rare items, but likewise work together to get around certain foes and obstacles. At least one character should be alive for everyone to be resurrected. Otherwise, you'll be taken back to the checkpoint, so go easy on the team kills.

In a former demo, we saw all four characters where in action. After shooting a couple of

enemies, they all tie their electrified grappling lines to a fast-flying robot and form a long four-man chain. Everybody swings back and forth to produce enough momentum to come off and jump to the following ledge. When they arrive at a locked door, one player fires a creature known as a Voltergeist inside a slot on the wall and the next player electrifies a switch panel. Shortly, the door screeches wide open.

Onwards, a number of sentry turrets scan the area having blue lights and a force field that protects them from head-on shots. The solution is to launch a friend just behind the turret to fire at its weak point. Next, a huge robot commander places them inside a monumental incinerator. Altogether, everyone must balance on a moving platform or they will fall to a fiery death. After hopping to safety, they get a ride on an innocent looking elevator that all of a sudden breaks apart, sending the team plummeting down the shaft. Several blowers power on intermittently, and the team needs to work together to stick to where the wind blows or everybody perishes.

The concluding part of the demo puts the team against a huge robotic mini boss. He spans a red laser across the area, driving everyone to hop over it much like a jump rope. Ratchet vacuums Clank and fires him up to a switch. Having the right timing, Clank sweeps down on the switch and disables the boss's shield. The team demolishes him using a wave of explosive mines and blaster fire, and a large payload of bolts shoots out to all the players. The things you can buy using this currency is still a secret, but we can't wait to find out more when this game launches.

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