The Two Basic Types Of Resumes

There are various styles of resumés along with several versions. Your experience and the type job that you are applying for will determine the resume style you need to use.

The two basic styles in writing resumés are Chronological Resume and Functional Skills Resumé. Some of the variants include the primary themes of academic, business, general, standard, student, engineering, or professional.

1. The Chronological Resumé style shows a list of the work experience in reverse chronological order (with the most recent experience showcased first). It includes some descriptive words about each position handled, typically described in one short paragraph.

This type of resumé

has some advantages: it is widely recognized and accepted, it is easy to read, and it shows a clearly defined pattern of your development. There are disadvantages, however. It does not feature your major achievements, nor does it effectively present
your other skills.

2. The Functional Skills Resumé highlights your skills and attainments instead of merely providing a chronological list of your career history. Your accomplishments and skills are presented at the beginning and your job history is shown the end part of the resumé.

This type of resumé draws attention to your achievements. One major disadvantage of this style is that employers may find it hard to follow your employment background and job experience.

A lot of people use a combination of these two types of resumés in order to get the best result. You may try several various types of combinations before resolving on a final style.

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