Feng Shui Aquariums For Style And Luck

But what makes feng shui aquariums a unique thing to have is that they bear a perfect balance of the five feng shui components.

-The water element is obvious since it's the water
in the aquarium.

-The wood element comprises of the plants.

-The metal element is the housing of the aquarium .

-The earth element is the gravel or rocks you place in the aquarium.

-The fire element is the lighting which could also be from the colors of particular fishes.

This kind of harmoniousness is quite hard to recreate in a different way and is perhaps not as hip as an aquarium.

The optimum placement

for a feng shui aquarium is in the Southeast section of your space. This is the location that is connected with wealth and abundance. That would
double the wealth energy running through that area.

The common fish to use in the feng

shui aquarium are your staple goldfish or koi. They possess a nice color and are really solid. The dragon fish is utilized in feng shui aquariums also but they could be expensive. Be sure one of your fish is black and don't have more than 10 total.

As with any living creatures, be sure you clean and keep up your feng shui aquarium so it can keep on bringing you positive energy.

You would like to make sure to take away and replace dead fish instantly and keep all the plants alive, green, and fit. The aquarium requires to be in tip top condition to positively impact your wealth Chi.

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