Gardening Tip: Proper Way To Mow Your Lawn

Lawn abuse isn't a crime, but it's a waste of money. When you maltreat your lawn you pay dearly for it by having to reseed dead patches, purchase sprays and powders to fight weeds, pests, and diseases, and spend even more money on watering than you ordinarily would. To be sure you are not paying the penalty for bad lawn care, abide by these rules of good lawn mowing:

-Don't allow the grass get too tall between mowings. Infrequent mowings are a shock to the lawn and open invitations to weed invasions. Plus, you have to water more than usual

to help the yellowed stubble grow back.

-Never remove more than half the height of the lawn in a single mowing. When summer vacation leaves you faced with a jungle-like

thicket, adjust the mower to cut just half the height of the grass blades. Wait a couple of days, then cut again to the desired height (this also saves wear and tear on your mower).

-Keep lawn mower blades sharp; check them now and then throughout the mowing season.

-Mow cool-season grasses a bit taller during summer heat waves. This keeps the lawn healthier and cuts back the need for watering.




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