Choosing Home Cinema Over Movie Theater

It is a fact, we all love going to the movies. What are the advantages of having your own home cinema instead of going out to
the movie theater? Here are various things that you should think about:

Ticket price - The cost of a movie ticket nowadays appear to be like the price of gas - they're always going up.

A family with five members wil part with $50 to see a movie just once!

Food expense - You could add a minimal $30 for just usual popcorn and drink. With your very own home cinema, you are able to have any

snacks and drinks you like and need not worry about the ballooned drink and food overcharges.

Cleanliness - The flooring at your local movie house is cluttered with popcorn kernels, pasty soda pop residue and you might even chance upon scores of bubblegum on chairs and on the floor.

Your home cinema could be as fresh and clean as you desire it to be.

Well-situated seating - Seating in the theater is space provided for attending and not anywhere near for comfort. In your home cinema, comfort is the operative word. You are able to lean back in a lazy boy recliner and need not worry about rubbing elbows with your neighbor or hitting the one behind you!

No cellular phone -some teens chatting on their cell phones is common place these days even inside the theater! Even if the theater asks you to turn off all cell phones and or pagers, you will hear somebody's phone ring at just the vital part of the movie. None of that will happen in your own home cinema.

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