Diy Wood Projects: Plate Rack And Towel Rack

Here are two DIY Woodwork projects you can do at home -a plate rack and a towel rack.

How to Make a Plate Rack

Plates are great decorative items aside from being functional pieces in the kitchen and dining room. Do you have a plate collection you would love to display? One of the ways to keep your plates in a manner that they can also be displayed it to have a plate rack. These can be bought in stores, but you can also make one of your own, customized to fit your room's specifications.

Here are DIY tips on making your own

plate rack:

Materials required:

4 pieces: 5/8 by 5 by 43 3/4 inches

3 pieces: 1/2 by 5 by 54 1/2 inches

1 piece: 1/2 by 10 by 54 1/2 inches

3 pieces: 1/2 by 2 1/4 by 54 1/2 inches

3 pieces, strips: 3/8 by 1/2 by 54 1/2 inches

2 metal hangers: 1 1/4 by 1 1/4 inches

12 1-inch No. 6 brads

1-inch wire nails

Cut the two ends and the two dividers to size. Put together left and right sections by nailing the butt joints of the three middle 9 1/2-inch shelves. Next, assemble the three 33-inch center shelves by gluing in the 3/16-inch dado of the dividers. All back pieces can then be added on by nailing butt joints at the two ends and the 1/2-inch recess notches of the two dividers. The 3/8 by 1/2-inch strips are

then nailed across the front and the hangers attached to the back.

Stain using pine or walnut. Apply a thin penetrating wood sealer. After rubbing off the sheen using fine steel wool or pumice and oil, put on a good paste wax.


How to Make a Towel Rack 

The towel rack is an important accessory at home. It is used in the bathroom, kitchen, gym, bedroom, or dressing room to keep towels dry and to keep these areas organized. Here’s how to make your own towel rack:

Materials required:

5 feet No. 1 grade fir: 2 by 2 inches 2 feet No. 1 grade fir: 2 by 4 inches

2 feet clear pine: 1 by 2 inches

3 feet clear pine: % by 3 inches 12 feet dowel rod: s/a inch

4 dowels: % by 1 inch

21 1/2-inch fiat-head wood screws

2 1-inch flat-head wood screws

Cut pieces to size, and bore holes for dowels. Assemble and glue the dowel rods in place. Next, glue the mortise and tenon joints of both upright and base pieces. Dowel the stretcher in place, followed by the two corner braces, using dowels, screws, and glue.

Seal the rack using a coat of shellac, thinned 50-50 with alcohol. Varnish or enamel can then be applied.

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