Explosion Diorama: How To Make Realistic Explosion Effect

Materials needed:

Fiber Fill (those found in stuff toys)


Button cell battery (CR2032)

a couple of strong little magnets

some paint

To begin, measure the amount of fiber fill needed for your desired effect, here I just painted it yellow and black. There are several techniques out there on how to shape the fiber fill, some use hair spray. I think the paint I used was good enough to stiffen the material. I wanted to depict another small gundam (astray red frame) went through the huge psycho gundam. Shown here is the back portion of the huge gundam.


Hot glued the magnets on the inside part

where the battery would mount.


Make sure you tape the LEDs on the button cell. I did use ordinary clear tape during the competition proper. This is also known on the internet as a “throwie”. It’s where I actually got the idea since I’m not good at wiring LEDs. Plus of course the fact that having individual power sources

for each LED would assure longer lasting lights.


The batteries would easily attach to the magnets. On this project, I used a total of four individual LEDs.



Here it is with lights off and on


I joined this in the recently concluded GBWC (Gunpla Builders World Cup) Philippines. Here it is on display


More Pics



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