Diy Tools: Propane Torch Accessories

There are also special chisel-edged soldering tips, and also pointed or beveled cutting tips. These attach over the outside of the utility or the pencil burner so that the flame heats them by conduction. This allows the torch assembly to be employed as a high-capacity soldering iron or as a heated cutting tool for use in cutting plastic tile and similar heat-sensitive materials.

Since these compact torches offer a source of extremely concentrated heat (as high as 2,300 degrees), they are commonly used for heavy-duty soldering operations—especially for jobs like sweat-soldering of copper tubing, or soldering of connections on metal gutters

and downspouts.

The propane torch can be used for a lot of other jobs around the house, like burning off old paint on exterior siding, trim or furniture. For this job, a flame-spreading tip

or heavy-duty burner is normally used. Other uses include heating floor tiles to simplify cutting and laying them; antiquing wooden panels or furniture by charring the wood slightly to highlight the grain; defrosting frozen water pipes; heating lengths of metal to simplify bending to a desired shape; thawing frozen downspouts and starting charcoal fires; burning out tent caterpillars and other insect pests around the home and garden.

With a pointed or chisel-edged cutting tip, these torches can also be utilized for removing old putty around windows (the hot tip fades it out neatly), for repairing plastic toys or other objects by "welding" cracked pieces together or for marking initials and other designs on wooden tool handles or wooden panels.

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Diy Tools: Propane Torches
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