Recycling Tips: Some More Items We Can Reuse At Home

Why do we even mind reusing items when these can merely be thrown away? People, particularly those who are in developed nations, are known for generating more trash in a lifetime as compared to the total gross national products of some small countries. Every time you throw the trash just take quick look down the street and see the bulk of things thrown away. Many of these materials we deem as junk could still be recycled and reused for other purposes.

Used window shades
Salvage the wooden roller and slat from your old and worn out window shades. Buy

a regular plastic tablecloth with a color that agrees with the room and trim it similar to the size of the shade. Hand-sew the lowermost part to fit the wooden slat then staple or glue the top to the roller. Now you have a homemade window shade for a fraction of the cost.

Lone Earring
If you misplaced the match to an earring pair, you could still use that piece of earring as a cork board pin.

Recycling a revolving tie rack
An old revolving tie rack could be reused in your kitchen to store bottle brushes, measuring cups, and other small kitchen tools.

Recycling empty jars
Empty jars with shaker tops can function as dispensers for powdered cleansers for cleaning the toilet, bath or sinks.

Recycling candle wax
Wax from melted candle can be reused to smoothen drawer runners and packed in cloth as pin cushions; the wax protects the pins and needles from rusting and it helps go through fabric well.

Recycle old display racks
Stores normally trash display racks when replacing them with new ones. When cleaned and repainted, these can be turned into towel racks for the kitchen and bathroom.

Reusing jumper cables
Old set jumper cables

have alligator clips on the ends. These can be repurposed to hold DIY projects together.

Recycle bath mats
Old bath mats can make excellent floor mops. Just fold a piece, have fluffy side out, to pair with your mop handle and fasten it into place. When soiled, it could even be machine washed to keep it clean and fresh.

Recycle used envelopes
You can save a lot of time at the cashier if you use your envelopes to write your grocery list on and as a packet to keep redeemable coupons in.

Recycling junk mail
Print ads and announcements are generally printed on a single side, the unprinted side can be used as scratch paper. Cut the sheets in half or quarters and place them in a box. This will give you a ready supply of paper to pen whatever you need to write.

Recycle tape receipts
The other side of the wide register tape receipts from the supermarket checkout can be used for next week's to-do list.

Recycling packing cardboards
Those thin cardboards used in packing hosiery or shirts can be reused as recipe cards. There's generous space for the ingredients, methods, a picture of the cooked dish and the classification (pastries, main dishes, desserts, etc.). If you want, you can also glue recipes from magazines and news journals on them.

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