How To Save On Travel Air Fare And Get Free Airport Parking

Travel need not be stressful, monotonous, or even costly; but not when you master the ropes. The key to an energizing vacation lie not solely your money’s value, but also your time’s worth. If you've just a few days of vacation time, make each day count. To accomplish that demands deliberate travel planning.
Travel planning is likewise the way to maximize travel budget. Here are tips on getting the most for your money and still have a superb vacation.

Saving on Air Fare Expenses

The airfare can represent the biggest expense of your trip. To save on expenses, know these techniques:

- Pay

your airline ticket as soon as you reserve. If you don’t, the air fare quoted price could go higher.
- Know that there are penalties when you alter your itineraries. Discounted air fares are typically subject to sizeable penalties if you request to change your flights.
- Be flexible concerning your departure or return. Hundreds of dollars can be saved just by staying over on a Sunday night, for example.
- Discounted tickets are usually nonrefundable. That means exactly what it says. Yet first class and coach tickets paid at full fare may possibly be totally refundable. Inquire before paying. The best bet, of course, is to be 100 percent sure
of your travel arrangements.

Saving on Airport Parking

Airport parking lots have been known to charge excessive fees for the exclusive right of safekeeping your car while you are on holiday. Get a shuttle service as an alternative. These services offer a distant parking area, typically a couple of miles away from the airport, and lots of amenities. You park your vehicle in their lot, they take you to the airport in their vehicle, and your car is guarded or might even get washed while you are away. Get a discount voucher the next time you avail the service. And keep watch for shuttle specials in the travel and business sections of newspapers or online classifieds.
Another means to avoid the airport parking problems is to stay in an airport hotel overnight. Some offer bargain rates together with the package; flight-tours. By beginning your vacation one night early, you can enjoy the sauna, relax in the pool, watch a cable-TV movie, and park for free all week in the hotel’s lot. The service may include a shuttle to the airport.

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