Review Of Powerskin And Otone Aporto Mobile Accessories

To some avid mobile device users, phone accessories are a must. Check out these two auxiliary gadgets to pair up with your phone.

Powerskin for Samsung Galaxy S
Big on power, Big on price
The Powerskin is a one-piece rubber case that gives your device spare battery when the need arises. The rubber casing has a nice fit, and all the needed ports have been accounted for. When you attach the Powerskin to the device, you plug in the mini USB cable to the port and the Powerskin's built-in battery will be instantly used. When emptied, you may then externally charge

the Powerskin.

The case puts in a bit of weight to the device, and the extra battery dramatically increases the width of your smartphone as well. If you can bear the design of the case for that extra added battery power, the Powerskin gives you, this is a critical piece to have, though a bit pricey.

Otone Aporto Speakers
This speaker system may look like a simple piece of kit at first glance. The control panel can be found in the centre and two speakers on

both sides. However, you'll be amused to find the two speakers at each end can be detached from the control panel allowing you to make your own mini speaker system. The Aporto does feel relatively cheap as it is coated in plastic, but for its price, one can't really complain. Likewise, plastic grilles don the front of each speaker which doesn't give justice to the high quality sound the system emits. The ability to detach each speaker and put them in different places gives the effect of a simulated surround sound experience. This is truly a nice feature that adds up to an impressive package.

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