Understanding The Sony Ericsson User Experience Platform

Sony Ericsson phones have been known to include complete themes that mask the totality of Android. The overall theme has been toned down a bit in recent devices though. But the look of User eXperience is still totally recognizable and different compared to other Android phones, with a slightly industrial appearance. The subtle graphics and clean lines match the hardware perfectly. The result is a consistent feel throughout the system. Sony Ericsson is big on media as shown through the inclusion of multiple media-related widgets and a totally new interface for viewing photos and playing music and video. The music

player is really simple and easy to use, and presents tracks and albums quite efficiently. Topping this off is a button that lets you search online for related information regarding the artist you are playing. This is quite useful if you are trying to consider more purchases from that particular artist. A related music widget allows you to play and control music tracks direct from the home screen.

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read Facebook messages, tweets and text messages, all in the one place, but takes you to the web interface for each service when you choose a message.

On texting, your latest messages can be seen individually, and by tapping on it takes you directly to the default messaging app. Sony Ericsson has provided a lot of useful features to stock Android. Some of the changes that are noticeable are the home screens. The folder creation feature is located beside the floating dock to create a mobile space that seems more efficient compared to others.

The visuals will be loved by some, others will hate them. User eXperience includes corner shortcuts for smaller Sony Ericsson phones which smartly get around the limited screen dimensions. The system is fine-tuned and adjusted for each phone. Some truly useful tools Sony Ericsson has managed to make a setup that is able to please both the power user and the casual Android buyer in equal terms.

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