It Jobs: Computer Help Desk Technician

The coming of computers in the workplace has permitted employees to complete daily tasks with more efficiency than ever before. Nevertheless, when a computer goes on the fritz, no one saves time. Most big companies fight this problem by maintaining a staff of technicians in the office who would be able to respond to computer troubles at a moment's notice so that the least amount of time will be wasted on computer glitches.

It is not strange for a computer help desk technician to come on at a job and find an employee frantic or on the verge of tears. This

is usually the case when the employee has spent hours working on a project that seems to no longer exist in the computer files. Computer help desk technicians must be knowledgeable both in computer software and hardware. These technicians would also need to be able to come up with solutions rapidly, as employees are often in a rush to get back to their work, but can't do so till the computer problem has been sorted out.

The salary in this field will vary immensely depending on the area in which you live and the type of company in which you are employed. Someone starting out in this type of work could expect to earn a salary in the $35,000s, but within five years you could expect to make somewhere

in the range of $53,000. The job market for computer technicians is still quite healthy, although some companies have turned to hiring consultants to do this type of work.

A bachelor's degree in a computer-related subject—most preferably computer science—is what nearly all employers are looking for in a prospective employee. Employers would also want someone who already has experience working in the field, whether you got this from a part-time job or from an internship.

 If you believe you have the characteristics needed for this field, it's good to know that for the most part, people who do this type of work are quite interested in and knowledgeable about computers. But perhaps more importantly, they should be able to work comfortably with people.

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