Sporting Dogs: English Setter And Gordon Setter

Here are two setter breeds with lineage dating as far back as several centuries ago: the English Setter and the Gordon Setter.

Setter, English

Possibly bred from land spaniels that sprang up in Spain, crossed with pointing breeds, the English Setter was employed in England for bird hunting more than 400 years ago. Credit for developing modern strains goes to Sir Purcell Llewellin and Sir Edward Laverack, two world-famous British dog breeders of the mid 19th century. Here is a good-looking, large dog having a flat, long, and beautifully feathered coat. His head is thin, muzzle long and square, with lips

somewhat pendant. The silky-haired ears droop low, the eyes are dark and bright. The tail is sported straight out, its long fringes tapering off to a point at the tip.

WEIGHT. 50-70 pounds
HEIGHT 24-25 inches
COLOR: black, white, and tan; black and white; blue belton, lemon and white, lemon belton; orange and white; orange belton; liver and white; liver belton; and solid white. Note:

belton means blended or flecked.

Setter, Gordon

Scotland's member of the Setter family is the Cordon, the good-looking black-and-tan, named for the fourth Duke of Gordon. Once known as the "black and fallow setting dog." His lineage goes back to at least the early 17th century. The Gordon is a tough hunter, well-balanced, with a relatively short back, and deep rather than broad head with a fairly long muzzle. His eyes are dark brown, knowing in expression, his thin ears hang low, while his feathery tail, thick at the root and finishing in a fine point, is sported horizontally. The coat is soft and beaming, with longer feathering on the ears, underbody, legs, and tail.

WEIGHT: males 55-80 pounds; females 45-70 pounds
HEIGHT males 24-27 inches; females 23-26 inches
COLOR: black with tan markings.

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