Dealing With A Jealous Dog

You may assume that some day your house is going to be so lonely if the old dog is gone. So, you choose to get a puppy before the old dog leaves. When this new puppy of the family arrives, the old dog may feel jealous. The jealousy might cause problems, particularly if the old dog has been the sole family pet. He has been the center of attention for a while, beloved and well-tended, and now everyone oohs and ahs over the cute fledgling. Pet the old boy first before you manage the little one! When both dogs clamor

for attention, pet both at the same time or neither.

Without concern the pup plagues the old dog to play, bites his ears, jumps at him with great joy. Possibly already out of sorts at being forced to share attention around the home,

the old dog might resent the young one's onslaughts and maybe nip him to put him in his place. Jealousy is potent in doggy relationships.

Be really careful when introducing a new puppy to the old dog. First, put the puppy in his cage where the oldster can sniff around him and say hi without being rushed, and meanwhile pet the old fellow extravagantly. Feed the two individually, and watch them when they run together for the first few days. Always pay especial attention to the old dog to keep him from feeling neglected and ignored. Don't allow the two to sleep together or be alone together till definite signs of friendliness are established by the old dog. Before you know it, they will be the best of friends.


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