Door Installation Problems Commonly Encountered

Among the most interesting problems expected to arise is the old one, which is hanging a door. Knowing how to make a mortise and how to mark and gauge accurately, the job should bring up any fears in you at all, for those are the problems of door hanging. The nightmare that remains in most minds is the lining up the leaves of hinges. It is apparent that when the hinges don't line up perfectly, opening the door will pull off either one or the other of the two. Worse, it might not be possible to open the door at

all after hanging it.

Door Problems

A door that you might have made yourself or a stock door provided by the door dealer will arrive at the job oversize both in width and in height. Door openings

in old buildings might be square, with sides absolutely parallel, or they might not be, owing to settling of the building or buckling and twisting of the framework. It is essential, prior to proceeding to work down the door to fit the opening, to be sure just what sort of an opening you are addressing. The edge of the hinge stile must be perfectly square and had better be planed down smooth, removing enough material so that, when the opposite lock stile is reduced, the panels of the door would be about as near the jamb on the lock side as they are on the hinge side. Meaning, it is favorable to have the two stiles of the finished door just about equal in width.

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