How To Hang A Door

1. Saw off lugs (the projecting ends of the stiles) at top and bottom of door.
2. Plane the butt stile to fit the side jamb. Plane to the right width of the opening at top and bottom after deducting 1/8 inch for clearance, or 1/16 inch for clearance for either side. The lock stile must be beveled a bit.
3. Plane door to fit at the top, then scribe and plane the bottom, allowing 1/16 inch for clearance at the top and 1/4 inch or more at the bottom, allowing for rugs.
4. Wedge the door in place and

mark the placement of the butt hinges on the door and the jamb at the same time using a knife.
5. Take out the door and square lines with the butt gauge for the length of the butt hinge, or gain. Gauge the width of the gain and the depth of the gain using the butt gauge. Repeat also on the jamb.
6. Chisel the gains.
7. Draw the pins from the butt hinges and screw on one leaf to the door and one to the jamb.
8. Put the door in place and slip the pins in position.
9. When the door hangs away from the jamb, the gains must be deeper. If the door binds against the jamb, place a
piece of cardboard between the butt hinge and the bottom of the gain.
10. The stop beads must then be nailed in place, leaving some clearance.

After planing the hinge stile, the top must be roughly fitted to the top jamb by planing or sawing or both. When planing down the edge of the lock stile, the cut usually is made at right angles to the face of the stile. You'll find in the case of thick doors that it will be good to finish this edge on a slight bevel instead of precisely square with the face of the door, so that the beveled portion would readily clear the jamb when the door is opened and closed. Occasionally, locks are made with beveled faces with this same idea in mind.

The bottom of the door now is trimmed off with a saw, and here it is essential to take into account whether there would be a threshold or not. Where a threshold is used the door can be fitted relatively close, possibly so as to swing 1/8 inch over the threshold. Where thresholds are not used, it typically is needed to cut the door short so as to clear the floor by 1/4 to 1/2 inch so that, whenever rugs are used on the floor, the door will swing clear of them.

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